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Things have been going fairly well in terms of training in December. I am not achieving as much overall volume as I would like. This has come as both a positive and a negative but leads me to the primary reason for this post. 

Sometimes the unexpected comes along right when you need it the most.

However, it’s just as likely to come along right when you DON’T need it the most. 

The unexpected can be something very good just as much as it can be something very bad.

How you deal with the unexpected, no matter what it may be or when it comes along, is the true challenge. 

The common theme in my above attempts to be a bit “wordy” is that the positive possibility comes before the negative possibility. With that I will start off with some positive unexpectedness that has come my way.

New 60min Peak Power Indoors:

On a typical Tuesday morning at 06:00 I draped myself over the top tube and started spinning the pedals on my turbo trainer. I had initially typed out the word “leapt” in that sentence to describe me getting on the trainer. I have suitably changed it though as nobody leaps at 06:00. Not even me….

15 Minutes Warmup
30 Minutes Zwift Race
30 Minutes Sweet Spot
10 Minutes Cool Down

Simple enough and you can read more on this specific workout if you missed it on my previous post.


^ Completely and utterly unexpected. I have produced 296watts for 54:30 in a 25 mile time trial in the past. I have also endured numerous CP60 tests in the past. A CP60 test is an all out effort for the full 60 minutes (on the turbo) to establish my real FTP instead of the standard estimated figure from a 20 minute test. 

286watts for 60 minutes is my averaged watts for the 30 minutes of Zwift racing followed immediately after by 30 minutes at Sweet Spot. The race itself obviously includes surges in power as well as micro recoveries. Power range for the racing will go up and down from 150w to 500w typically but I do tend to average right around 285-300w during the 30-40 minute races. I can then control my effort very closely during the remaining minutes of Sweet Spot to see out the full 60 minutes of workout.

The race is of course not conducive to a true steady state 60 minute threshold effort. So I actually reckon I could achieve 295-300w in a controlled CP60 test at the moment indoors which is encouraging at this time of year. That lies beside the point though. I was blown away that I could even produce the numbers I have right now in December.

A CP60 attempt was not even on my radar at this point in time and neither was a new peak power best! A very positive and welcomed unexpected.

Surely it’s just the Consistent Training Paying Off?:

You would think that to be the case. Reality is that the past few weeks have not been as consistent nor have they contained the volume I would want for this time of year. 

It has felt like a gradual case of the wheels falling off the motivation train. Purely caused by a constant lethargic feeling and symptoms of illness trying to settle in for what seemed like weeks on end. 
Taking the foot off the accelerator didn’t seem to help and a positive outlook on training had all but gone.

I took an entire weekend off the bike. It was a great weekend but the inevitable over-reactive brain began to set in:
I’m getting fat!
I’m lazy!
I’m losing fitness!

It’s a case of actively knowing that is an absolute bullshit thought process yet such thoughts still manage to push toward the front of the queue. They push right in front of the more realistic thoughts:
I’m recovering.
I’m healing.
I’m sorting myself out.

Monday. Back on it. Lets ease myself back into it:

I tried something different this time. Two days off is nothing. There is no need to “ease” back into the swing of things so I smashed myself with a WattBike session rather than do the typical first easy ride back. This was my personal kick up the backside.

16 Minutes Warmup.

4 Times:
4 Minutes @ 290watts.
1 Minute @ 350watts
90 Seconds Recovery.

20 Minutes Cooldown.


My struggle was a workout success. To me it acted like the bloke on the TV at World’s Strongest Man who slaps his mate around the head a few times to rile him up before he lifts a VW Golf down the road. The workout buckled me but it sure as hell sorted me out.

Tuesday. Here & Now in Unexpected Fashion:

The unexpected has come along and given me something good when I feel I was needing it. Over the space of a long weekend I have went from feeling down about my training to achieving a 60 minute power PB indoors. Out of nowhere!

A serious plot twist has established itself from the beginning of this post in the form of a negative coming before a positive.
Point being, I chose to address the positives before the negatives earlier, but this is not always the case in life nor always presented as such an open choice. I am taken back to:

How you deal with the unexpected, no matter what it may be or when it comes along, is the true challenge.

Dealt with. Mental and physical boost achieved. Moving on.