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Project 400 in a nutshell thus far =
Set a goal.
Tell everyone.
Don’t update anyone for far too long.

That’s exactly what I done here and is why I am starting this with an apology for not posting about progress at all. Sorry!
You might be glad to know that I actually have been training pretty damn hard. It is all still go. I haven’t killed myself trying nor have I gave up because the going got tough!

The Proof is in the Pudding Salad:

Last Saturday I tested 5 minute power and achieved a new all time best of 404watts (6.62W/KG). The climb I used is steep and consistent but does have a flat section for 20 seconds before ramping up again.

I then went out on the Sunday with tired legs and a massively fatigued motivational system. It’s getting to that time of year where I am struggling to recover and it takes me at least 60mins of riding to feel up to anything beyond Z2 riding. So I can’t explain to you how I managed to find another 3 watts in my back pocket. 407watts (6.67W/KG) which I achieved on a more consistent climb this time. There is a little let up in the middle again which zapped some watts but it is more honest for sure.

Ignore the 6.84W/KG. TrainingPeaks is for some reason not basing the W/KG figures on my metric inputs each week (currently 61KG). 1747 VAM is not too shabby!

From my initial Project 400 post you will see that I worked out 6.5 W/KG as being the magic number for Scottish National sharp end results wise. If I can drag out the performance above by another 2 minutes then it’s certainly looking damn good. If I drop a KG and can do the above performance for 7 minutes then it’s a step above damn good.

Longer Testing:

I’m actually really gutted about this part. I did do a 10 minute test and would have loved to show the data. The fact I can’t do that can be blamed on Garmin’s 3rd attempt at power metre pedals. AKA, their worst attempt at power metre pedals. I lost over 2 minutes worth of power data from the session due to dropouts which seem to plague the pedals every couple of months.

From a good while (too long) spent playing with the data I did have. The safest estimation I can come to is 385watts for 10mins (6.31W/KG). My other biggest problem is that the climb is not a pure 10 minutes climbing but has a good 1minute+ of what is essentially flat sections. It’s more so three climbs separated out over one hill. It might be that the British National climb is similar to this so it would make for relevant comparison. But I honestly have no idea at this point. 1333 VAM was the true metric from the test which is simply nowhere near good enough.

What’s Next?:

I’ll be at the North Scotland Champs road race this coming Sunday. It’s being held at Lossiemouth and currently the wind forecast looks hilarious. 50KMH gusts on what is a coastal course is going to result in carnage. Being little and having baby power numbers leaves me rather concerned about mega wind.

The first hill climb for me will be on September 29th in Forres. It’s the North Scotland Championship. I don’t think I can be the North Champ though even if I did manage to win it. Despite living/training/racing/working in the North of Scotland, the fact I ride for a team not from the North of Scotland, means I don’t apply…. I’ve only just seen the profile and data for the course as well and will just say not to expect much. It’s more of a rise than it is a “climb”. I’ll probably just take the normal road bike for it as I’ll need the 53t chainring.

On Track? I’d say so. Maybe even achieving a bit more than I expected by this point. Chuck me on a pure 6-7 minute climb and I reckon I’d be right around 400watts at the moment.
Next update on Project 400…. I will do better, it will be sooner, it will have some pictures of a hill climb bike as well maybe ;)