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Check out my Round 2 post from the Richmond UCI World Champs course here – KISS Community League: Round 2.

This week for Round 3 we took on 4x laps of the Innsbruckring course. It’s a deviation from the full course used in the World Champs last year in Innsbruck, Austria. The main thing of note is that it’s a very flat route with one steep/sharp climb. Similar to last weeks Richmond course except three crazy hill sprints are replaced with one crazy hill sprint. The hill is suitably dubbed “The Leg Snapper”. So that gives an instant insight to what is going to happen every lap on the climb.

Another course that really does not suit me. At least this week I have more chance of holding on over one power climb versus the three of last week. I also had some positive vibes rattling around in my head. Mainly due to producing 486 watts (8.2W/KG) for 1 minute during a workout on Wednesday. My all time best 1 minute power is 488 watts which was done on my good bike during the week leading up to the National Hill Climb. To see only 2 watts off my best during February on my winter bike was both bizarre and awesome. It did give me some hope towards being able to cling to the front group over Leg Snapper though.


As always the start was a semi sprint but the bunch was moving so fast towards the first time up the climb. It was only 5KM from the start until the first time up the climb so the pace just stayed really high.

Pretty consistent for the four climbs.

I got spat on the first climb….

460 watts which for me is 7.6W/KG was not enough to live with the lead group on the first Leg Snapper. The first hill for me was also the worst feeling yet I produced more power and went up it quicker on laps three & four. Being dropped after only 5KM of the race though was a total downer.

Mike and Oliver made the front group which was awesome. I settled into the second group which was ranging place wise from mid 50’s into the high 70’s. Ed Laverack was in this group as well as he got dropped so that helped me realise how hard these bigger power guys really hit it first time. Us little guys never stood a chance!

I rode with this group for the rest of the race as there was no way we could catch onto that front group. They were too far gone and there just was no incentive to chase. I also had two team mates up the road in that group so I definitely wasn’t going to take any sort of lead on trying to start a chase. Which would have absolutely failed anyway in hindsight. So the group found itself in a funny place as it was almost like a tempo ride the entire time and not taxing at all until we hit the climb each lap.

Come the final climb I felt good and it seemed everyone else did also as nobody got dropped. It was then a case of a group sprint for high placings. I’m never interested in a bunch sprint but in this league the placings all really do add up and I knew I was third on the road for the team. I attempted a sprint and even had an aero powerup to use but quickly cramped up in my right quad. It’s something I have had before and I am almost certain it is down to hydration so I only have myself to blame for not getting that right and losing out on a few positions.

Results & The Weight Dope:

Weighing myself this morning (day after the race) I am 58.9KG on the scales. My Zwift weight was set to 60.2KG. Maybe if I had weighed myself on the day of the race I could have had some marginal W/KG gains…. I am therefore the weight dope. Note: that’s a piss take, I would still have been absolutely SPAT.

Placings show how tough that race was for everyone. Mike and Oliver got dropped AFTER the fourth and final climb. The pace was insane on the run in for that front group. Still super fun on the Discord chat with the team and one thing is for sure, we all got a great workout from that race!