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It doesn’t take anyone particularly clever to establish that the three square meals I swear by do not result in 3000+ calories consumed. Typically the three square meals during the day get me to around 2000-2500 calories and I will find MyFitnessPal telling me I still have 1000 calories to shovel in. Nice! I am happy to give it a go.

I personally struggle to put more than 1000 calories in at one sitting. You will read that sentence and claim you do not suffer from my claimed problem but when that 1000 calories is made up of the likes of my dinner combo’s, so veggies primarily, and not chocolate, crisps and pizza, it is a different situation. I could easily put in 2000 calories of “junk” food as they are so calorie dense. But when eating “good” and “balanced”, I struggle to fit in more than 1000 calories at a sitting, so I rely on a snack usually around 20:00 once the little dude is tucked up in bed, after bath time routine.

This is where I have a treat though and it might be the surprise of this whole rambling series of food posts.
I have a beer and cookies most nights
800 calories easy and from junk but with absolutely no regrets from me.

If I am eating well enough, training correctly and have a good oversight from this OCD brain I operate then I absolutely can have treats regularly without feeling bad about it. And I do!
If I am in the 3/4 days around races I will switch the beer for a cup of tea and will have boiled eggs on toast, peanut butter/jam on toast or a bowl of granola with added raisins instead.

Beer though, that’s going to need a dedicated post because I am a bit of a snob. Beer definitely deserves a proper big write up dedicated to it which I know for fact you are desperate to read. Stay tuned!

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