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Time to eat lots because this meal is going to fuel my commute home but it also comes after sessions in the gym 2-3 days per week for me as well. Unlike breakfast time where I cannot stomach very much, at lunchtime, I take on the form of a racing horse who hasn’t been fed for a good two days.
1000 calories minimum here but this is the meal I struggle with the most to get the right foods in due to being away from my kitchen and its endless supply of stuff that allows proper meal prep to happen!

I don’t want to carry tubs full of food with my clothes in my bag every day and also, wearing said bag on the bike is crap enough, never mind when its packed full of food tubs as well. Travelling light is always best! So I stock up from a local shop and try to get as close to a whole weeks worth of lunches to see me through at work. My go to lunches do not vary at all really and consists of the following or combo’s of the following:

Vegetable Soup
Quorn Oriental Stir Fry
Quorn Lasagne
Egg Sandwiches
Vanilla Yoghurt
MyProtein Pro Bar Elite (these cannot be good for you, they are super tasty)
Whole Earth Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter

From the breakfast post you will see I am happy eating the same thing every day of my life. So with lunch I am no different really, in that, any combination of the above still satisfies me every day and I never feel like I need a change due to getting fed up with the same foods. I guess I am lucky that I am naturally like this as it does prove pretty useful when the local shop only has the 2x Quorn “ready meals” or egg/cheese sandwiches to choose from.

If it was not for the food carrying dilemma of bike commuting I would make larger portions at dinner time each evening and bring to work for lunch the following day.

Next up – Dinner time!