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This is the key meal as it is where I have most time and resources to make it but also because I am feeding my girlfriend and our one year old little guy as well. If I am eating healthy foods then they are eating healthy foods. This is a good habit to get into and seeing your family enjoying a big healthy meal you have prepared is just as nice as devouring it yourself (almost!).

900-1000 calories here minimum again. When made up of lots of vegetables this ends up being a massive pile of food to cram in.
I weigh everything used in dinner as it’s quick and easy to do as you prepare it all for cooking. It re-assures me that I am getting as much calories as I think as I would tend to over estimate how much calories are in a dinner if I did not calorie count it from weighing. Most of the time I cannot believe there is so few calories in my dinners as the portions look massive, so counting ensures I get enough calories in rather than the usual method of ensuring you aren’t putting TOO MUCH in. Calorie counting is usually associated with cutting calories, but for me, I use it to ensure I am adding enough.

There is too much to list here specifically but typically it’s combos of the following foods:

Veggies – Steamed broccoli, green beans, broad beans, sweetcorn, sweet potato, peas. Peppers, spinach.
Protein – Quorn Chicken, Quorn Mince, Quorn Sausages. Eggs, Baked Beans. Frozen oven quickies are good also, such as cauliflower bakes, Quorn Escalopes & Linda McCartney does heaps of nice oven quick sides as well.
Carbs – Wholewheat Pasta. Coconut or Brown Basmati Rice. Singapore Noodles.
Sauces – Bolognese, Hunter Chicken, Mushroom, Korma. Sweet and Sour or Hoi Sin for stir fries.

There is masses of combinations of the above depending on what is fancied and none of the combo’s take long to prepare as they are all essentially one pan dishes thrown together.

My veggie korma is super good but the hunters “chicken” bake I have recently started doing is nearly as good…… Maybe I will do another blog post with specific details on meals to show some of these off and let folks try them for themselves!

Only one face stuffing sesh left now – Snack time!