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For me this comes after commuting to work so we will call it “fasted” but just hope that doesn’t trigger a war….. It seems to be such a divided subject in recent times.
I cycle 55mins/30KM to work at 06:45. I do not want to eat before doing my commute because I dislike eating as soon as I wake up and I would feel like crap riding my bike with food fresh in my stomach. So I ride to work “fasted” every morning and cannot put a finger on any negatives myself personally from this. It sets me up nicely for breakfast which my body craves and utilises when it gets it. If anything, I would say fasted morning commutes work very well for me and my metabolism, even when I take a longer 50KM route.

Quaker Original Porridge – Big Bowl Sachet
Alpro Coconut Milk
30g Seedless Raisins banana
Half a Scoop of MyProtein Strawberry Cream Whey
1x Banana

Every day of my life I will eat this pretty much. I look forward to and love it every day. I will never get tired of it.
Considering there is a 600-800 calorie burn happened prior to me eating this it really is a small meal. That is purely down to me personally though as I really could not stomach much more than this in the morning even after riding to work.

Next Up –¬†Lunch!