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2019 season does seem very young. However, the back end of June is already here. The nights are drawing in already and Summer has yet to show its lazy face. Maybe the season of Summer can’t even bring itself to endure “Great” Britain this year? I certainly wouldn’t blame it for boycotting this Country Circus. Although, for a country that is beyond broken (read: utterly FUCKED), I do honestly think a massive eight week stint of glorious weather would soften the blow a bit for us.

In the real world where a plankton like myself can actually have some bearing from his actions…. Turning pedals! I’ve flip-flopped a nightmare season start into something pretty mediocre by this point. So I feel it is a good time for an update on recent races.

Almost a 10 PB:

Wednesday 15th of May saw me ride the local “10” course for the Raymond Sinclair Memorial time trial. It was really nice to ride something only 20 minutes up the road and without the 3 hours of wasted life travelling down the A9.

21:48 for 4th place.

Nothing special at all and no power data as my Vector 2 pedals finally died on me…. It was a blowy night from the East, which in years gone by, was pretty damn rare. We have seen more than our fair share of dominant Easterly winds this year so it didn’t seem so out of character as it may have. 10 seconds away from my PB which was set on this course also.

Thank you very much to Kay Proctor for the picture

There was a lot of stuff happened on this night that was properly cool. My mediocre ride was away down the scale of my caring.

  • EIGHT riders under 22mins in a North mid-week TT.
  • My besty fellow Fifer setting a PB and getting under 22 for the first time.
  • Kyle Gordon doing a 19 on a North course (on a slow night!).

A 25 PB:

Sunday 2nd of June was my second go at a Scottish National 25Mile TT on the Forfar>Brechin dual carriageway.

54:37 – A new PB. I have absolutely no idea what my overall placing was at the event. To this day I have never seen a full result sheet. Top 30 maybe? Pure guess.

10 Degree’s Celsius and torrential rain. It was horrible but dwelling on it that morning would have been a waste of time. Everyone had to face the same shit out there so I just got stuck in and got on with it.

292watts for a 54:37. My previous PB from this same course in 2017 was 296watts for a 54:45.

A fat man in a BMW pulled right out in front of me at McDonald’s which was a hundred metres or so before the finish line. He was still stuffing his face which must have distracted him enough to pull out on a skinny bloke doing 40kmph at his drivers door. It only cost me a handful of seconds but it’s pretty bloody annoying when you’ve had a clear run of 39.9KM only to be shafted right at the bitter end by some plonker.

Road Racing in Aberdeen-shire:

Thursday 6th of June. First thing’s first. I absolutely love racing my bike over in Aberdeen. There is a number of clubs over there and they all take turns of putting on Thursday evening road races. They are open to all categories (E/1/2/3/4) and I’ve never had the drama of not getting a start. It’s full on to get in the break early as the races are shorter than your typical 2/3/4 or 3/4 races. But the racing is just strong and super steady from the gun. I love it. The mood is just different in these races compared to weekend races. It’s certainly no easier but the mood is just way more relaxed and cool.

The only downside is that I am three hours away. Mileage wise, these races are not far away, but the road infrastructure in the North of Scotland sucks. My good friend Martyn from Edinburgh RC was visiting so it made travelling over together good fun until we experienced the weather en-route. I’ve personally never seen rain like we did in a very long time. It was absolutely mental to the point the road became a river in front of our eyes.

We got really lucky. The sun was shining when we got to HQ. The worst thing we had to contend with was a few remaining damp patches. Crazy Scottish weather!

14th for Martyn in the second group.
24th for me in the third group.

Low and behold I am a complete and utter idiot! I attacked off the front right before we turned into the climb on the circuit. Honestly, I had no idea we were seconds away from turning onto the climb, but it worked in my favour. The bunch brought me back half way up the climb and everything settled down…. I then attacked again and got a good gap solo to the bunch. Whilst up the road I knew guys would bridge across so I kept looking over my shoulder. Nothing was coming. So I settled down into my own groove to try and conserve something for when something came across to me. The second I stopped looking, four guys were on me, then gone. I could not get onto the wheel and missed the race winning break.

The rookiest of rookie mistakes.
Not the first time I have shot myself in the foot like this.
Hopefully it will be the last….

Ended up in a group with another five riders and we worked well. Chasing hampered by having to stop at a junction for what felt like an eternity for some cars. No way we would have caught the group ahead but chasing and working meant a solid training session either way so there is always something positive to take away.

I did feel strong. Missing the move was downright stupidity with only myself to blame. But I didn’t let it stop me putting the work in and taking something from it.

2Up Take2:

Wednesday 19th of June was the evening to redeem myself after I went like absolute crap back in April at the Dooley’s 2Up TT with Chris. This time we were a lot closer to home for the Garve 2up 25Mile TT.

Thanks again to Kay Proctor for the images. We truly do appreciate your effort and time to come out and get pictures of us.

56:36 for joint 2nd place

South Westerly wind was proper! It’s always proper on this course. It’s unfortunately two entire life long miles longer into a headwind before you can appreciate the shorter leg with a tail wind home. We were fair shifting along after the turn in the big boy gears and it was awesome.

There is no doubt we would have been two minutes quicker if Chris had shaved his legs and wore proper socks. I just hope nobody thinks I am friends with a triathlete. Please don’t.

We are both delighted with the ride. It wasn’t the fastest but we both felt the spells/tactics could not have been any better. Most importantly we both finished it and had huge smiles on our faces as it was super fun. It more than made up for our (my!) howler down at the Dooley’s 2Up.

Middle of June. Still riding around in March temperatures.