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We are onto the final round of the 2019 KISS Community League. Although, there was talk of a “catch up” round, which was to satisfy the guys who were DQ’d by the game in Round 2 as they were too fast. We will wait and see what the deal will be regards that. Meanwhile, for Round 8, we are taking on the Watopia Figure 8 course.

It’s another mostly flat affair but will favour the more punchy guys due to some nice rolling sections. Climbing wise, the route takes on the Watopia KOM in both forward and reverse forms.

Forward KOM – Shorter and much sharper grade wise.
Reverse KOM – Longer and steadier affair.

Mixed feelings from me before this one. I’ve been training very well over the past few weeks and feel form is coming nicely. It’s another course I don’t feel suits me very well though due to the shortness of the climbs. With the confidence in my fitness & form though I am hoping that’ll lead to me hanging on for as long as possible to the front.

Wrong Place. Wrong Time:

I have nobody to blame but myself on this one. I’m pretty annoyed even though I realise that achieves nothing. It’s how you move on from and learn from mistakes that matters most. I just shouldn’t be making silly mistakes like this after 8 weeks of racing these and knowing how they pan out.

My positioning into the first climb was just pointlessly stupid. Way too far back in the bunch. It meant when the inevitable increase in pace happened I was left in no-man’s land. 100% avoidable and my own damn fault.

A few seconds into the climb and the front group has strung it out big time as per usual. I should have been sitting in top 20 into the climb. Not down in 80th like a complete idiot.

Missing the inevitable split and ending up in the second group was the outcome. Sitting around 55th place upwards and with an even larger group behind catching quickly. I checked in with Mike who was in the front group and also with Hal who was in that third group catching mine.

I quickly established none of the guys were working so after a few pulls I pedalled easy and waited on Hal’s group to join us. It was then even more apparent that this swelled group was not doing any work either…. A large group behind was even starting to catch us. I checked in with Mike again and the front group was getting sketchy plus they had over a minute on us by now. There was no way we would catch them with this group so rather than sitting soft pedalling I tried to get the group working so we would not get caught by even more riders. It took a few turns on the front with a couple of others who were keen and the group finally ramped up the general pace. At least it was a bit of a workout now.

It’s pretty crazy how samey our team results are over the rounds. Consistency continues but it was Mike who was our main man this week. He even done a 1:35 on the Forward KOM in the lead group which is stupidly quick! There was a certain Cam Jeffers in his new National Champs kit one place behind him on the results also…. Nice work, Mike!

Live Stream:

Nothing changed in terms of configuration on my live stream. Quality wise I am happy with it as is. If anything a higher quality camera for my silly faces would be better and maybe a microphone so I could give abuse back to people as they chat to me on YouTube, ha!

I’m really not sure what will be happening with the catch-up event. Everyone seems to be in limbo and the document which everyone was relying on for this league (on Google Docs) has been deleted…. This might be lights out for this years KISS Community League but we shall wait and see.