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Round 7 of the KISS Community League will see us tackle the “London Loop” course. That means two climbs of Box Hill but unfortunately (for me, anyway) the finish line comes 4KM after the second completion of the climb. No hill top finish this week!

As you can see, the course is predominantly flat, which will ensure a smashfest on the climb each time.

It’s the same case as the Volcano KOM climb from last week in Round 6 when it comes to watts required & climb times. Sub 6 minutes is a decent time on Box Hill and it’s going to take mid-6 W/KG to survive with the front group. The biggest difference from last week being that the climb is completed twice and the finish line is not at the top on the second ascent.

Out Boxed on Box Hill:

The pace on the first climb of Box Hill was insane. I was dropped near the top as a group of approximately 20 riders formed the front group. None of us from the Dropouts team made it with that front group unfortunately.

I thought prior to the race that lap one would see us do Box in around 6 minutes.

Front group done the climb in 5:30 on the first lap. I don’t think very many of us expected that at all. Not many of us could live with that either!

On the descent from Box Hill I found myself with another two guys. The front group at this point had 70 seconds already. It’s so dis-heartening to see a time gap like that when you have worked so hard. Like they have just so easily broken you and walked away like it was nothing.

Mike and I spoke on Discord and decided to ride the wheels as his larger group just off the back of mine was catching. Once these two groups merged it stayed this way for the rest of the race. The second climb of Box Hill didn’t cause much damage to the group at all. I got an aero powerup at the top of Box which I would have gladly given to Mike as my legs were not good.

With around 700m to go to the finish line, I put in a little dig, then used the aero powerup. A few guys came past me but I managed to re-pass and hold of a few which is new for me. I’m usually gasping with 50m to go and 15 guys fly past me. It was a positive to take away from this round at least.

Consistent Dropouts:

We mostly survived the front group last week and missed it this week. But we are still consistent on results from most weeks. Our Canadian dudes weren’t available this week. Hopefully we can get a nice showing for the final round of the KISS Community League next week!

Consistent Performances:
My 2019 5 minute peaks. Found 1 entire watt this week.
Pretty consistent on the previous rounds as you can see. Round 6 the legs felt incredible. Round 7 the legs felt pretty awful but I still managed the same numbers….. Form is weird!

The above really shows how strange the body can be. But it also shows how incredible it is. Totally mixed sensations from the previous two weeks but output wise, almost identical. I’d rather have the Round 6 sensations if given the choice of course.

Training load was definitely the cause of different feelings this week though. I’ve done two triple days where I ride back and forth to work and lift weights at lunch time. I also done my first 5×5 session on Tuesday which went really well. So there was a lot more fatigue in the body this week. The fact I put out very similar numbers on top of that fatigue is super encouraging.

Video & Stream:

I made a few tweaks to the stream options to try and get some higher quality with 1080p @ 60fps. In the first few minutes of the below video I am using hardware encoding at highest quality. Things got a bit laggy/jumpy so I switched back to last weeks settings around 1 minute before the race starts. I cannot really tell any difference to be honest so reckon I will leave it as is now. The problem isn’t my hardware but more so my upload speeds on shitty Highland broadband it appears.