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The course for this weeks round of the KISS Community League would see us tackle the Watopia Volcano Climb After Party.

It’s a case of two flat laps with a few shallow/short draggy climbs to contend. However, on the third and final lap, we divert and finish at the top of the spiral climb you see on the profile above. That’s the Volcano Climb.

Nothing particularly steep nor long. Top level times on this climb are sub 6 minutes so you can see this lends well to the powerful guys who have impressive 5 minute power figures.

>6.4W/KG for 6 minutes would see survival in the front group.

My best ever 5 minutes is 6.4W/KG.

With the numbers laid out like this it was easy for me to know I would be nowhere in terms of top 10 contention. That does not need to be seen as a negative though…. I’ve established over previous weeks that I am not up there with these guys regardless of course type. I can use this as a positive to alter my mindset and hopes/goals going into it. A new 5min power PB would be excellent for example. As would surviving the front group until the explosion on the final climb.

Good Legs:

I had them. Did not expect them in the slightest because I felt flat before jumping on the bike. It was probably the first week of the KISS Community League where I have felt like I didn’t really want to take part. I’m beyond glad I did get on that bike though!

TrainingPeaks notified me the other week that my FTP estimated @ 302watts. So this makes me see that could actually be pretty damn close to reality.

My best ever 5min power is 380w so I did not achieve a new 5min power PB. I did make it to the climb in the front group though. Dare I say that wasn’t much of a challenge this week. I’m not sure if that was due to the front group going ever so slightly easier than previous weeks? Or that I had seriously good legs! A combination of both might be more likely the case.

The slight rise climbs on the laps where I would previously be straining to hang on were an absolute breeze. I was zipping up them and 450w was feeling super nice rather than complete torture. My heart rate data is very interesting as well in that I would hover around constant threshold for these races. This week I was seeing much lower HR values even when the group was pushing on the rises. All seriously good signs which definitely give a good buzz when you’re mashing the pedals.

Sub 6 minutes for the climb prior to the race seemed out of reach to me. So a 5:55 is something I am really happy with. The winner might have done it in 5:30 (KUDOS!) but I am not allowing that to dilute my perception of my own time. Truth be told I replaced the chain on my bike the weekend before the race. I’ve nobody to blame other than myself but I got some crazy skips on the cassette when I tried to come out of the saddle near the finale of the climb. My cassette is obviously worn and needing replaced as well.

I genuinely thought I was going to “crash” off my turbo when it happened at 500w out of the saddle….. Not ideal and I definitely lost some places/time due to my own mechanical negligence. Live and learn!

Top Ten Team:

Another good and consistent showing for the team. I finally feel I did some good for the guys on this one. We seem to be achieving very consistent top 50 placings between us all. Depending on the course and how guys are feeling is really dictating just who is where with those top 50 placings. The consistency is really there to be seen in the results and we have a good close match of ability which is working great for us.

We are now sitting 10th on the European KISS Community League table. We should be super proud of that. This team was formed by Mike less than two weeks before the league began. A nice little splattering of folks who are thousands of miles apart can come together and do really well with solid consistency. Feels good man!

Dream Stream:

1080p and 60 frames per second. Absolute overkill but it worked OK. Now also with added webcam to see my ugly face complaining.

I will do some more little tweaks to try and up the quality even more for the next round. For no other reason than because I am pretty sad and want to see what is possible with my machine. I’m the coolest, I know, I know….