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I didn’t take part in Round 4 of the KISS Community League as I was suffering from a stomach virus. It did mean I got to sit on my couch and watch Mike’s live stream for once. You can check out a replay of that over on his YouTube channel.

Another consistent showing from Power Dropouts. The average W/KG for the A category guys shows just how tough it is to be in the front group. Watching it on the live stream really made me think the front group wasn’t going the usual crazy. Then I seen the data and realised the live streams do seriously give a slightly false interpretation of just how tough these races are.

Climb Time. Finally:

KISS community League Round 5 seen us take on the “Watopia Mountain Route”. As you can see from the profile it is a lot of climbing and descending. This is the one week I have been looking forward to after nothing but flat routes and super punchy climbs. If anywhere, a mountain is the one place where I might be of good use to the team.

Watopia Epic KOM

The mountain is called the “Epic KOM” in the game and it is a very steady affair. It only maxes out at 7% but it is the length of it that lends over to skinny people like me. After 7KM’s of steady climbing to the top of the Epic KOM Mountain, we turn left, only to head upwards again toward the Radio Tower.

Radio Tower Climb

This climb is short but it is very steep as you can see on the profile. After 7KM’s of steady climbing this one was set to hurt no matter what. I honestly had no idea what to expect of it. This was due to usual experience of Zwift races. Usually they just kick off big time at the bottom of any hint of a climb on the usual types of courses. This was a totally different ball game and therefore a complete unknown to me as to how things would pan out.

Joyful Torture:

I would be telling you lies if I said it was enjoyable.

I would also be telling you lies if I said I didn’t enjoy it.

It’s a very simple and acceptable fact that I just do not have what it takes to compete with these top Zwift racer types. By that I mean right now. I am not discarding myself and accepting I can never be up there. What’s the point in anything if you don’t have targets/aims/wants/desires to drive yourself? But as of right now…. I just do not have the capability.

4 watts under my best ever 20min power.

^ Training Peaks sent me a threshold notification change of 302 watts. It reckons I am capable of 5.11W/KG for 60 minutes/FTP. Yet these numbers are only good enough for 38th place on a course that suits my “skills” perfectly. This hopefully gives proper insight to just how tough these races are and just how strong humans are.

The Mountain Low Down:

There is a small climb at 3.5KM which leads up to a plateau. My main worry became complete reality at this point. It acted as a “typical” Zwift climb where everyone nailed it. A definitive group already started establishing itself and I was not in it.

I quickly got into my rhythm on the Epic KOM. This is my bread and butter after all. The group I was part of ranged from places 25-38 roughly. Not really trying to hold wheels or push on here, happy sitting in my threshold zone, fighting demons.

A split in this group happened half way up the Radio Tower climb where percentages are hitting 16%. I stayed in my own place and tried like hell on the descent to close the gap to the small group ahead. Complete failure unfortunately. This meant I was in no mans land riding solo for 10KM to the finish. 27th place was where I remained whilst I held off the group behind until 2KM when they started gaining. Completely put out of my misery by them catching me with less than 150m to the line as I sunk to a 38th place. Luckily I use “push to talk” on Discord team chat as they would have heard a barrage of horrific Scottish swear words otherwise.

We suffered from a mega depleted team this week unfortunately. I truly hoped to get a much higher placing for the team because this is the one course that truly suits my strengths.

> 6W/KG for 20mins

> 7W/KG for 5mins.

That is what it takes to win a KCL race based on the top riders from the results. To put that into some perspective….

6. 8W/KG for 12 minutes is what was needed to win the Welsh National Hill Climb 2018 on the Tumble.

6.4W/KG for 11 minutes was needed to win the Scottish National Hill Climb 2018 on Crow Road.

There is always drama and accusations flying around after the Super & Community League races. The numbers are crazy and unimaginable for most of us but I personally don’t think they are false. Cheating is definitely going on in varying forms but I don’t think these top hitters we see week in/week out are anything other than insanely talented guys.

YouTube Stream:

I’ll finish off this week with a little bit on YouTube streaming. I gave it a go primarily because I’m a geek and love tinkering with configurations and settings. My pain face did not feature you will be glad to here. However the one comment I got was a question asking why I had no webcam! Streaming was an excuse to come up with some logo’s and an excuse to see what my laptop could handle. 720 @ 60FPS was easy achievable and smooth so I may try running a 1080 stream next week. It’s a complete waste really as very few people are watching on big screens to benefit from that resolution, but I am a geek, as I say.

My first attempt at streaming to the world.

^ This will be the link to my live streams going forward.

^ This is the link to my channel.