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Dean Cunningham

So this is my delve into blogging with regards my racing and training on bits of carbon fibre clad with two wheels. It’s something I have always wanted to do but just never got round to or bothered my backside to get on with it. I simply want to document my racing, training, progression, achievements, disappointments and everything else that might fit in between these areas when it comes to riding my bikes. It will give me some great personal reflection to look back on in years/decades to come but if it provides some entertainment or insight to anybody else then it is a major bonus.

Home for me is 15 miles North of Inverness near a town called Dingwall. I am, however, originally from Fife in the Central Belt of Scotland. I have lucked my way into a more peaceful way of existing in the Scottish Highlands with my girlfriend, complete with odd Lancashire accent, and my wee boy Rory who is well on his way to becoming the next big star of WT cycling (he’s 2 years old now, watch out!….).

I ride for Transition Race Team who are based out of Bury, near Manchester, in England. I was previously first claim to my local Inverness based  Moray Firth Cycling Club, but for 2018 and onwards, I thought a time trial focused team would help me much more for travel and competition in both National level events and CTT governed events in England.